Course curriculum

    1. How to access your resources

    2. The Learning Trajectory: Learning Cues!

    3. Using T-Charts to scaffold critical thinking

    1. Planning your STEAM Event or Program

    1. Using Mystery Bags at a Learning Cue

    2. Nature Walks

    3. Weather Journal - For at home or school

    1. Tackling Turkeys STEAM Makeover

    2. Circuits (and ideas for making lighted cards)

    3. Gingerbread Houses - STEAM Makeover

    1. Tips, Tools, and Tutorials for Distance Learning

    2. The Distance Learning Lesson Plan Template with an Example Lesson

    3. First Weeks of School - Family Packets and "Netiquette"

    4. Online Resources for Distance Learning

    5. Offline Resources (Kits) for Distance Learning

    6. Games and Platforms for Self-Directed Learning

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