About the Course

Using simple, low-cost materials, challenge students into engineering catapults that launch a gummy bear as far as possible! This lesson includes a video walk-through, which will take you through the lesson step-by-step. 

You'll also receive tips on how to share this lesson while teaching at a distance. We've adapted this lesson so that your students can do this engineering project onsite or at home with the supplies and resources available to them. 


Your Instructor

CEO and Founder Dr. Yen Verhoeven

Dr. Yen is a learning theorist with over 21 years of experience teaching science and education to thousands of people from all ages. She holds a Ph.D. in Curriculum & Instruction, and is a certified online instructional designer and program evaluator. Prior to becoming the founder and CEO of Qi Learning Research Group and the STEAM Café, Dr. Yen was a college biotechnology department chair and pharmacy technology co-chair, a high school science teacher, and a lab manager. She has a serious coffee addiction and in her spare time, she plays Beat Saber with her sons.

An easy STEAM challenge

Introduce engineering in an engaging and fun way that captivates students from all ages. This is challenge is perfect for beginning and advanced STEAM educators.

Course curriculum

    1. Welcome!

    2. Video walk-through

    3. All Gummy Bear Dare Instructional Materials

    4. Materials List

    5. Complete Lesson Plan

    6. Using T-Charts to scaffold critical thinking

    7. EDP and Metamaps

    8. De-Escalation Techniques

About this course

  • $49.00
  • 8 lessons
  • 0 hours of video content

Also included in the course

  • T-Charts

    The included set of t-charts will help students document their thoughts and observations. The questions and space in these worksheets will encourage kids to categorize and evaluate what they are learning and discovering.

  • De-escalation Techniques

    Design, testing, failing, and redesigning better are the hallmark steps of good engineering. We include ideas for de-escalation (addressing frustration) to support students as they move through the engineering process.

  • Engineering Design Maps

    We include a video to show you the engineering design cycle. Students can then record their engineering processes using our unique engineering design map.

Boost critical thinking, communication, creativity, and STEAM skills with gummy bears and a little bit of imagination.

Inspire your students!